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Welcome to ToneShed's Microfrets Pages.  Here you will find information about the original Micro Frets Company as well as the Microfrets Serial Number Archives, pictures and even Microfret autopsies to show the world the inner workings of these classic guitars and basses.  If you have a Microfret guitar, bass, baritone or any literature please contact us!  We're trying to put together the pieces of the Microfrets puzzle.







You see, only a handful of these innovative instruments were ever made, estimates of around 3,000 total.  While that's about to change with the reintroduction of the  New Microfrets Company (new guitars are in production now) the originals from the late 60's to the early 70's have a lot of fans out there.  Some of the unique features were:


  • Two piece hollow bodies that were routed out of quality hardwoods
  • The Calibrato vibrato unit that allowed the strings to stay in relative tune when being used (decades prior to the Steinberger Transtrem) 
  • Elliptical neck profiles for a more ergonomic and comfortable feel (now starting to appear more frequently on new guitars like the Peavey Wolfgang) 
  • Adjustable nut, the MicroNut, that allowed for perfect intonation on both ends of the strings (decades before Buzz Feiten's tuning system and the Earvana nut) 
  • Coil taps stock on select models (courtesy of the 'mad' genius Bill Lawrence
  • Wireless transmitter built in as an option in 1968! 
  • Bridge saddles that could be 'locked' in place to keep intonation correct (again, decades before Tone Pros) 


Microfrets Serial Number Archives - Based on a large part of the Stang Serial Number Archives with his kind permission, this is where we have all the serial numbers we can find!  Do you have any to add?  Is yours on here?  Email us to add yours and please send a pic of your Microfret too!



Microfrets Styles Pages - Microfrets had 4 distinctive styles through their history.  Find out more about them and the differences between the styles.



Microfrets History - Here is where you'll find the history of the original company once I get it complete, please check back soon.



Microfrets Autopsies - I take apart a Style 1 Covington so that you can see some of the unique details.  Look for more styles in the future.


Pictures - Recently updated with contributions from our fellow MF enthusiasts.



 Coming soon . . . Promo pictures, original catalog, information, newletters, articles on our beloved MicroFrets.






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